Dr. Jonathan Feddock, in addition to being a member of our faculty, performs regularly in Ironman distance triathlons.  In 2014, he created a fundraiser titled Ironcology, as a means of combining his talents as an Ironman triathlete with improving cancer care, or Oncology, at our cancer center.  Specifically, in 2014 he was trying to raise funds for a new brachytherapy suite.  He competed in the 2014 Ironman Louisville and started the race as the final athlete.  He collected donations and pledges based on how many people he could pass throughout the day.  It turned out to be a very successful day, as he caught nearly 2000 people which raised just over $54,000 in one day.  Dr. Feddock continued on with Ironcology and with the help of local tv stations, social media, and the generous people within the state of Kentucky, he completed 2 additional races before the end of 2014 and has now raised over $141,000, all of which is going to the proposed brachytherapy suite.  The UK capital allocations committee was very impressed with Dr. Feddock's committment and efforts, and hopefully we will be able to see construction and renovations begin for the new brachytherapy suite by late 2015.  Dr. Feddock is currently in the process of turning Ironcology into a sustainable annual fundraiser for the cancer center, and at least for 2015, he is planning a unique Ironcology Race and Cancer Care event here in Lexington, and he will once again be starting as the final competitor in Ironman Louisville in order to raise money for the next needed project for the Markey Cancer Center.  For more information about Ironcology or to follow Dr. Feddock as he continues racing, please visit his website: