Resident Research Activities

Our medical residents have had several presentations and publications in national meetings. Some of these include:

ASTRO 2015

Approximately 11,000 radiation oncologists, medical physicists and related experts met in San Antonio, Texas from October 18-21 to explore the theme “Technology Meets Patient Care” at the 57th Annual ASTRO meeting. Advances and practice-change findings from more than 350 oral presentations, 1,780 posters, and 202 exhibitors were presented. The following abstracts were presented by two of our medical residents and Fourth year UK medical student, Shilpa Sachdeva.

Sameera Kumar MD, Xingzhe Li, Lixin Dong PhD, Li Chen, Guoqiang Yu, and Mahesh Kudrimoti MD Title: Measurement and Clinical Correlation of Head and Neck Tumor Hemodynamic Responses to Radiation Therapy.
Jason Edwards, P Shah, J Huhn, W St.Clair, WF Regine, M Mouhiuddin, M Kudrimoti Poster: Definitive GRID and fractionated Radiation in bulky head and neck cancer associated with low rates of distant metastasis.
Shilpa Sachdeva, JM Edwards, T Pittman, RC McGarry , W St. Clair, JM Feddock Poster: Trigeminal neuralgia treatment response in patients with multiple sclerosis.

ASTRO 2014:
Wooten C.E., Wilson, W.A., Arnold, S.M, Gal, T., Aouad, R., Valentino, J., Kudrimoti, M.R. (oral scientific session) Functional Outcomes with Surgical and Non-Surgical Management of Locally Advanced Oropharyngeal Cancer.
Smith, A., Wooten C.E., Edwards, J., McGarry, R. (Poster) "Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Recurrent or Second Primary Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer." The author list is Smith AJT, Wooten CE, Edwards JM, and McGarry RC.
Treharne, G., Kudrimoti, M., Randall, M., Feddock, J. (Poster) “Cervical Cancer Patients Presenting With Para-Aortic Lymph Node Involvement Have Distinctly Different Survival Compared to Patients Presenting With Metastatic Disease”.
Edwards, J., Smith, A., Wooten, C.E., McGarry, R. (Poster) “Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Patients With Immune Suppression”.

ASCO 2014:
Wooten C.E., Wilson, A., Arnold, S., Gal, T.J., Aouad, R., Valentino, J., Kudrimoti, M. “Surgery and definitive chemoradiation (CRT) for locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer and impact of transoral robotic surgery (TORS). ASCO 2014, Meeting Abstract”.
Wooten C.E., Smith A., Edwards J., Arnold, S., McGarry, R. “Evaluation of thoracic stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for stage IV non-small lung cancer (NSCLC). ASCO 2014, Meeting Abstract”.

AAPM 2014:
Wooten C.E., Luo, W., Randall, M., Molloy, J., Aryal, P., Feddock, J.“Dose Modification for Cs-131 Permanent Implants Using Resensitization-Corrected Normal Tissue BED”.

Paper Published 2014:
Wooten C.E., Randall M., Edwards J., Aryal P., Luo W., Feddock J. “Implementation and early clinical results utilizing Cs-131 permanent interstitial implants for gynecologic malignancies”.