Vivek Rangnekar's Research Laboratory

Left to Right: Nikhil Hebbar, James Sledziona, Ping Du, Ablesh Gautam, Tripti Shrestha-Bhattarai, Hannah Latta, Vivek Rangnekar, Nathalia Vitori Araujo, Sunil Nooti, Ravshan Burikhanov.


Dr. Vivek Rangnekar's Laboratory identified a novel tumor suppressor that they named Par-4 (prostate apoptosis response-4, later also called PAWR). Par-4 protein is secreted by normal cells and it selectively induces apoptotic death of primary and metastatic cancer cells. Researchers in the Rangnekar Laboratory are using novel molecular and chemical biology approaches to induce robust secretion of Par-4 from normal cells for inhibition of a broad range of tumors. Par-4 secretagogues identified by his team are being developed for clinical trials.