Medical Physics Residency

Program Goal & Objectives
The CAMPEP accredited Medical Physics Residency Program’s primary goal is to offer clinical training opportunities for students wishing to become practitioners in Radiation Therapy Physics. The 24 month training program is designed to meet existing professional standards for Medical Physics Residency Programs and to provide additional training in evolving special procedures.

Program History
The University of Kentucky enjoys a long and rich history of providing clinically-oriented
Medical Physics education. The graduate program began in 1968 and has graduated over 150 students. It received CAMPEP accreditation in 1998. The University of Kentucky Graduate Medical Physics Program (UKGMP) has always placed a strong emphasis on clinical training for its students. Unlike other MS degree granting programs, we do not require a research thesis; rather, the students participate in a clinical practicum. This provides hands-on experience in the major aspects of radiation therapy physics. In 2010, our CAMPEP accredited Residency Program began. Since then we have trained at least 2-4 Medical Residents per year who have successfully gone on into the Medical Physics Industry.  Our program is unique in that we currently select our residents from our UKGMP program.  

Program Expansion Began in 2013

In 2013 we added an affiliate campus; Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, where every other year we are able to select from our graduating Medical Physics grad students, a resident to complete their residency in Terre Haute. HUX, a CAMPEP accredited facility houses 2 physicians, 8 therapists, 3 physicists and 2 dosimetrists.  Under the direction of Chief Physicist Michele Verst, our selected off-site resident receives a continuing quality of education and training with callaboration at St. Francis in Indianapolis and the University of Kentucky to complete residency requirements. HUX selects a resident every other year.  

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In 2016 we continued to grow and expand our opportunity for residencies with another new affiliate campus; Alyzen Medical Physics, Inc. headquarted in Paragould, Arkansas and currently providing clinical services to clinics in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Under the direction of Chief Physicist William Weaver, the Alyzen team currently consists of 8 medical physicists and 6 medical dosimetrists including 3 previous UK resident.  Alyzen selects one resident from our graduate program every year.  

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Program Structure & Governance

The Medical Physics on site Residency is housed in the Department of Radiation Medicine at the University of Kentucky. Administrative oversight for the program flows through our Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. The UK Department of Radiation Medicine is chaired by Marc Randall, M.D. Its academic and clinical components are integrated under the College of Medicine and the UK Health System. Local program administration and oversight is performed by the Radiation Medicine Director of Medical Physics, Janelle Molloy, Ph.D. The Medical Physics faculty consists of 8 members who are board certified and 2 members who are in the process of achieving certification.

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Rachel Pendleton

Department of Radiation Medicine 
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