Prerequisites (Preferred)

Course Number Course Title          Credit Hours
ANA 209  Human Anatomy   3
PGY 206   Human Physiology  3
RAS/RM 472G    Interactions of Radiation with Matter  3

Certificate Courses

Course Number Course Title          Credit Hours
RAS/RM 545Radiation Safety and Shielding3
RAS/RM 546General Medical Physics3
RAS/RM 601Advanced Radiation Dosimetry2
RAS/RM 647Diagnostic Imaging I3
RAS/RM 659Physics of Radiation Therapy3
RM 740Mammalian Radiation Biology2


It is preferable to have completed some or all of the prerequisite courses before beginning work on the certificate.  However, it is possible to complete the prerequisite courses in conjunction with the certificate at the discretion of the certificate director.  The prerequisite courses listed are those offered at the University of Kentucky.  Equivalent courses taken at other institutions may be substituted with the approval of the certificate director.

An individualized plan for completion of the certificate courses will be developed depending on the needs of the student.  It is possible to complete the certificate requirements, including missing prerequisites, in one year.  However, students will be allowed up to five years to complete the certificate.  Students must score a grade of B or better on each course for successful completion of the certificate requirements.