What Students Entering Program Should Expect

Most of our entering students possess undergraduate physics degrees. We typically have one or two students per year that come from a related physical science background. These students are counselled prior to their arrival of the need to comply with the entrance requirements. Most students have some missing prerequisites that are remediated in their first year. These most typically include anatomy, physiology, and electronics laboratory, and sometimes include an upper level physics course.

The deficiencies described above are remediated via formal, transcripted coursework. These courses are almost exclusively taken here at the University, although may be completed via coursework at another accredited college. Students enter in the fall (late August) of their first year, and complete 4 full semesters containing didactic, laboratory, research and clinical instruction. In addition, it is expected that students will work extensively on their clinical practicum over the summer in between their first and second years. Students are expected to complete the didactic program requirements in May or June of their second year.

Retention: Students must maintain at least a 3.0 G.P.A. for retention in the program. A student's progress will be reviewed annually by their graduate committee and any deficiencies or concerns identified will be followed up with the student.
Completion: Student will be required to pass their masters oral exam. In addition to the above, doctorate students are required to pass two components of the qualifying exam and successful defense of the dissertation.